Thin [Poetry]

Some nights
 I lie in my bed
I can feel the thin person
inside of me
I can feel in me the shape
I might have been
A stomach that hugs the curve of my spine
A body that is light and lean and flexible
The body of a dancer


I wonder what her life
might have been like
Would people have treated her differently?
Would success have come easier for her?
Might she have been happier?
And would she have found the Love
that so eluded me?

It is said
In heaven we will all attain perfection
I may discover
what it feels like to be thin

Imagine the twist
If perfection isn’t
what we have always assumed it to be
If in heaven we all become
and soft
and huggable
like me

Written by D. Marie Meyer – Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

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  1. Pat Milone says:

    The pain of cultural exclusion beautifully expressed.

    Liked by 1 person

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