Worth [Poetry]

I am worth something.

People need me.

If I’m  not giving myself in heaps of quantities,

then they don’t want  me.

Even when I’m new and shiny

With the light kissing my bronze surface,

They look away in disdain

Making me believe that I’m not enough

When they actually can’t get enough of me.

I am worth something.


I mean something.

I am the backbone of this nation.

People have built monuments because of me.

Yet, they walk past me barely acknowledging me

Especially when I’ve been used too much or

Stepped on too much.

I am the denominator of this country.

You can even say that I am the backbone of this country.

virtuous worth

You can’t even operate Wall Street without me.

The ones before me have contributed to this nation.

You’ve traded them and even thrown them away

Claiming they’re too old, dirty. Obsolete.

Try as you might, you can’t take away the worth.


You can’t take away my worth.

I am worth something.

The almighty penny.

Copper strong. As valuable as gold.


To get rich, you need me.

The truth is, you can’t bank money without somehow utilizing me.

Shiny or dirty.

I am worth something.

My value is actually priceless.

You will never make me think different.

I know you know my worth.

A precious metal. Never a token.

However you try to use me, my spirit can never be broken.


Zorina Frey Miami Book Fair
Written by Zorina Frey

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