Thirsty [Poetry]

Let’s have a glass of water together.

What? That doesn’t sound jazzy enough?

It’s free.

Clear of all the bullshit.

Filtered with only the purest of minerals.

Blocking the nasty sedatives that can clog up your tract

Your way of thinking

That stuff that will have you second-guessing

That mess that just won’t break down in your system,

But stays to break down your system.

Let’s have a glass of cold ice water together

Nature’s tears.

The air wrung out from the mossy ground

The liquid melted from ice caps

That substance that makes your body sing

The water that makes your fingers tingle

The drink that will make you forget you’re single

Drink me in and I’ll sip on you.

Like a ice cube against the lips.

I will melt in you.


Zorina Frey Miami Book Fair
Written by Zorina Frey

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