Virtuous Wonder Woman [Poetry]

Remember when Wonder Woman was stuck in the trenches?
She and her infantry were stuck. Compromised.
It was either fall back or die. At least it seemed that way.
Diana Prince wanted to do things her way.
Steve Austin tried to cover her true identity.

Wonder Woman Promo Poster

He didn’t want the world to see her awesomeness because in a society where men are supposed to be smarter, better and savvier, it then became a priority to belittle her, if only to polarize her.

Let’s find someone who is kind of like her. Give her a nemesis. Yeah, they enjoy this. They want this woman taken down notch. To control her. They don’t want to destroy her. They need her.

Try as they might, they can’t replace her. They can’t Frankenstein her.
Create the mold but never the soul.
There’s an island of warriors just like her, but they choose to ignore the signs and wonders that encompass her.
God is with her. God is her father. God fights for her. He is her warrior.

Those who challenge her, challenge him.
They fell from grace into a dark place.
It’ll be too late when they come to understand whose fate they tried to erase.

In her face with an olive branch. A disguise in pure sight. Pretending her fight is their fight.

She was raised by queens. She was raised by warriors, from a lineage of Amazons who help men conquer. It’s in her blood, her DNA, to help you find your way. But she will prevail. She will have the victory.

Her vision is far past worldly provisions.
Her reward is conquering the world, a wonder girl in a justice league of her own.
She always wins because she holds her own.
Her Father sits on the throne.
She’s never alone.
Knocked down, but never defeated.
She’s a princess.
Enemies don’t seem to get that.



Doing their best to tarnish her shine.
Her identity, they deny, wanting it as their own.
Pimping her skills trying to make gold.
Deceived by their own greed, a villain for sure.
A life-long nemesis? Nah, I don’t think so.

She crosses her arms as protection. As a shield. As a weapon.

She clasps her hands in prayer. As a shield. As protection. As a weapon.

She is I and I am her.

I am a wonder.

I am a woman.

Written by Zorina Exie Frey

Zorina Frey Miami Book Fair
Written by Zorina Frey

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