Volume 5

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Culture Shock [Poetry]

I’m not white but I’m not black I’m not Nigerian but I’m not American I’m not a Republican, but I’m definitely not a Democrat I’m an American African and I straddle the fence I’m constantly in defense of who I am perceived to be I am what you say I’m not and am Authenticated by…

High-Tech Baby Buggy [Fiction]

“Just look at this! This is just lovely, isn’t it?” Keira says, stroking her—or to put it more precisely, her son’s new buggy, all shiny metal with enormous wheels. Keira and I sometimes meet at the Almássy Park. The walk is inevitable. So is the meeting. A whole year has passed since then. Keira’s one-and-a-half-year-old…

The Magic Show [Poetry]

It’s that abracadabra, Hocus-pocus They’ve come to entertain and distort your focus. Keep your eyes open. The message is potent. Designer illusions Draw your conclusions. Keep your eyes open. The message is potent Smoke and mirrors. Presentation crystal clear. Defying the laws of physics. Sit for a spell. Visit. Levitate your understanding to unseen planes….