Volume 1

First publication. A must-read!

Volume 2

-Paris attacks
-Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
-Explore Your Hidden Talent

Volume 3

-From Junk to Jazz, Wearable Art
-Black Lives Matter
-50 Shades of Critics

Why Creative People are Crazy!

This article is meant to help you understand crazy people! And if you don’t think you work around crazy people, then you may very well be the person I’m talking about! This article is for your pure entertainment, because every now and then, we need to take a break from being so serious and stressed…

Lamenting Loves: A Duet [Poetry]

Our Symphony My heart beats like a metronome keeping time to our rhythmic movement as the tempo ever increases to the crescendo ending.     Between Us The divide between us cannot be measured by miles as I lie next to you in the darkness. Only inches between us, you might as well be a…

Dating? Again? [Anonymous Non-Fiction]

Dating. Now there’s a word I never thought I would be saying again! Let’s just say that I am at an age (not antique) that I would consider settled and comfortable. I have my circle of close friends, family, children, and grandchildren. Settled! Friends have, for years, tried to introduce me to nice men but…

All I Have is Me [Poetry]

When the problems and the pressures start piling up on me When the laments and the laundry get so high that I can’t see. When the hungries and the hassles invade my liberty It’s then I must remember that all I have is me. A husband may pack up or die; the kids will grow…

[Book Review] Bloodroots by B. Elae

“You were special before someone told you so.” These words appear almost halfway into Ms.Elae’s book of poetry, Bloodroots, forming the message and theme of so many of her poems: human worth and dignity, often hidden and unrecognized. Ms. Elae writes about addicts and victims of violence, plus people who have been lost and broken…

Black Panther Villain: What Killmonger’s Character Represents [SPOILER]

The best villains force you to draw a line in the sand splitting hairs of moral and social decency. It’s why we have that love/hate respect and admiration for Heath Ledger’s Joker, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, and Ian  McKellan and Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of Magneto… and why Black Panther fans have a…