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Volume 3

-From Junk to Jazz, Wearable Art
-Black Lives Matter
-50 Shades of Critics

Volume 2

-Paris attacks
-Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
-Explore Your Hidden Talent

Volume 1

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Looking to Publish Creative Writers.

45 Magazine is looking to publish creative writings for our literary publication. We accept all forms of writing EXCEPT hate content. Other than that, bring it and we’ll publish it. Let our editors clean it up for you. We just want the story.  Submit it anonymously if you want.  Submission is free and writers retain all the rights to…

Ice Cream Lady [Non-Fiction]

“Do you hire girls?” I asked. It was 1969 and I had called about an ad for an ice cream truck driver.  I found it under “male/female help wanted,” but in those days women did not drive trucks. “Oh, yes,” replied the company owner.  “I prefer to have women drive my trucks.  They treat them…

In Terrorist Territory, Colombia 2008 [Fiction]

Nowhere in the world does it rain so much. Nowhere does humidity seep as deeply and incessantly into flesh and bones as in El Chocó. In most of this region on the Colombian Pacific Coast just south of the jungle-hidden border with Panamá, there are no roads, and mud is ubiquitous and treacherous. Machitas, knee-high…

45 Mag is Looking for Good Stories.

45 Magazine is accepting submissions for short stories. They need to be your own. Submit them anonymously or include your name to get full credit. Either way, we just want to publish good stories.  Submission is free and writers retain all the rights to their written work.  Join the roster of published writers at 45 Magazine. Submit…

The Mountain [Poetry]

The mountain stands tall, penetrating the sheets of snow that cradle our blue skies. Those same sheets glue their seed on to the mountain, covering it in security. It stands impenetrable and proud, in fear of nothing and no one. I wish I could be a mountain. Resting eternally, cold and beautiful and admired by…

Midwest Grilled Cheese Sandwich [Food]

Ingredients Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slices American Cheese Slices (Not that imitation stuff!) Italian Mozzarella Ball (Just find the spot with all the fine expensive cheese. It’s there.) Whole grain bread slices. (I like the Ezekiel Bread, but it’s whatever!) Butter Coconut or Olive Oil Spray (Coconut oil is more fragrant.) Tools Pan Knife Butter knife…

Call for Writers. How to Get Published.

45 Magazine is accepting submissions for short stories, editorials, poetry, screenplays, fiction, non-fiction. We even accept anonymous stories. Submission is free and writers retain all the rights to their written work. We just appreciate a good story! Join the roster of published writers at 45 Magazine. Submit your writings here! SUBMIT  

Top 5 Worst Home Buying Mistakes [Editorial]

Buying a home is a very exciting time. Whether it’s your first purchase, your third, or your tenth, there are many aspects to the process, and it is vital to know what to expect. After working with many buyers, I have learned which mistakes are most common. 1. Not getting a pre-qualification letter from a…

A Butterfly’s Promise [Non-Fiction]

A mass of teddy bears formed an impenetrable wall that stretched the length of a city block. Those bears, in an array of colors, sizes and shapes, sat shoulder to shoulder in silence, a tribute to the hundreds that perished in the Oklahoma City bombing. The community, as well as the nation, was still reeling…

Low Cal Tortilla Pizza [Food]

Ingredients 2 Small Tortillas Pre-sliced Nitrate-free pepperoni Onions Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Marinara or Pizza Sauce Pepper Parmesan Cheese Dry Italian seasoning Fresh Mushrooms Notice there is no salt? You won’t need it. The flavor is in the meat. Tools Pizza pan with holes or a broiler pan Mandolin (Any baking pan that will allow heat…