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What is Home?

This poem was written during Writing Class Radio’s Wednesday night’s Memoir First Draft Session. #poetry #groupwriting #writingprompt #memoirwriting

Her Mate is Just Like the Moon

“Just fancy the look on the unlucky guests,
and the entertainer, who’s even smarter
at faking it.” #gabriellagarofalo #poet #poetry #italianpoets

Poets in the Rain

“All poets are crazy. Listen to them soak
sponge in early rain medley notes sounding off.
Crazy, suicidal, we know who they are: …”

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Do not confuse / being the foundation / of your house // with being the bones / In the basement. #newpoetry #creativewriting #inspiration

Muskrats of Madison Avenue

“How much should she gain
before we fill her head with
dreams of
how her wishes will come true?” #poetry

Carry Me

“…Seeing shattered
faces looming in
horrid places…” #poetry #sampsonmathis

Author Spotlight: Peter Luykx

The Patchwork Human: Two Billion Years of Evolution McFarland & Co., Jefferson, North Carolina Non-Fiction Tell us about your book. Like an old quilt that has been put together from scraps of material collected over the years, we humans are a patchwork of old and new parts. We participate in the grand evolutionary story of…

Time Warp

The long, endless lines waiting for trains taking you—perhaps to safety.
Is there safety?
Déjà vu Time warp.” #poetry

Author Spotlight: Crown Shepherd

#Author Spotlight: Crown Shepherd “If you can read, you can learn! If you can learn, you can grow. If you grow, you can be anything!” @crownthewriter

Writing Class Radio First Draft Happy Hour

#memoirwriting “Writing Class Radio is both heart and art. By heart we mean the truth in a story, by art, we mean the craft of writing. No matter what’s going on in our lives, Writing Class is where we tell the truth. It’s where we work out our shit. There’s no place in the world like Writing Class, and we want to bring you in.”