Volume 4

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Volume 3

-From Junk to Jazz, Wearable Art
-Black Lives Matter
-50 Shades of Critics

Volume 2

-Paris attacks
-Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
-Explore Your Hidden Talent

Volume 1

First publication. A must-read!

The Proverbial [Non-Fiction]

Does absence make the truly make the heart fonder, or is out of sight, out of mind the better approach? This writer investigates.


No need to wait until February and June to shine. Write now. Write all year and submit for a chance to get published!

Commitment [Poetry]

“Commitment” by Kevin Brantley Jr. #brokenheart #heartbreakpoetry #kevinbrantleyjr

A Visitation [Fiction]

What happens to Flora when she checks into a quaint little motel? Read more to find out. #paranormal #fiction.