Author Spotlight: Thea Iberall

#fiction “Against today’s backdrop of environmental decay, Deborah risks her life to find answers and heal her family and the world. Unaware, she follows a 12th-century Sufi poet who becomes her guide as she realizes the real moral issue of today.”

The Letter A

#newfiction “It was bad enough having to move through society with the scarlet letter A stitched to the broadcloth of her coat, but now her house has been marked. Hester sees the UPS truck stop in front of her home.”

Author Spotlight: Yasmín Ramírez

¡ÁNDALE PRIETA! A Love Letter to My Family Lee & Low Books: Cinco Puntos Press Imprint Memoir Tell us about your book. Anchored by Ita, a resilient matriarch who was far from the stereotypical Abuelita and who taught her how to stand firm and throw a punch, debut author Yasmín Ramírez writes about the punches…


“Every day I erase pieces of myself…”
#goodpoetry #blackpoets

You Were Here

It’s quiet, and because Lindsay’s only one of three workers in the warehouse, she doesn’t have to wear a mask. Though she probably should, to protect herself from the dust and musty smell that comes off the used books. The smell didn’t bother her, as it felt old, familiar, and comforting. Lindsay prefers the graveyard…

Lust Lost

In his flat.In his second flat.The hippie house.My cars, first and second.A houseboat.That old country hotel with no towels.On our beach.The caravan out on the lookout point.At my parent’s house, my single room.The island, resort, nook down by the river.A city park.Camping.Quieter now and in the dark.You still seemed near.But you were gone.Left,moved on. Written…

Diet Junkie

I’m a diet junkie, a sucker for every new food plan that hits the streets, or the web. Juice fasting, fruit smoothies, veggie shakes–I’m in! Grapefruit diet, plant-based vegetarian or vegan, fruitarian or pescatarian. Sign me up! Broth-based soup with only green vegetables as passengers on that train.  I’ll cook Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Med…

paper doll

the world is flatno matter proofof scientists the atmospheredullclouds merelypainted on the sky frozen faceno muscle memory heresmiling feels contrived a paper dolledges crumblingwith age fill me with airso that I may floatinto the atmosphere Written by Renee Butner – Clemmons, North Carolina, United States Feature Photo by Michael Burrows

New Podcast: Watched It. Let’s Talk

“Watched It, Let’s Talk” Entertainment Podcast With Hulus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, not to mention regular ole cable, it’s getting pretty hard to figure out what to spend your precious time on to watch. Even in this pandemic when it seems as if there’s plenty of time to binge, you still don’t want to waste…