How to Become an Independent Publisher

Learn how to #selfpublish a book in 5 hours. Handle your own business! #onlineclasses #publishingclass #publish #PublishABook #SelfPublishing #independentpublishing #therightwaytoselfpublish

The Zoo [Fiction]

“The Zoo” by Andrew Paul Grell – A short story about managing order within an un-orderly institution.

Right No Wrong [Poetry]

Right No Wrong by Sam Mathis – Redefining Beauty #poetry #writingpoetry #amwriting #FloridaPoets

The Day I Stopped Loving You [Poetry]

In my third year of teaching, I became friends with two other teachers, who were going through painful, messy divorces; this is a composite of their stories. I don’t exactly remember the day I stopped loving you; Maybe it was a process, a parade of continuous little hammer taps on the edge of the china…

Happy Father’s Day

In case your gift sucked, here’s a Father’s Day poem… Dear Dads, Enjoy your ugly tie and homemade gifts with too much glue. Enjoy your big breakfast and greasy T-bone steak too. Enjoy the free beer. You’re partner will spot you that night. And enjoy the extra something that you might get from momma tonight!…