Dearly Beloved…

Sometimes, it’s really not so hard to say goodbye. #funerals #departed


Communication breakdown out and within. #solitude #poetry


Here’s to appreciating Mother Earth a little better. #nature

Dangerously in Love

It’s crazy how I’m cold on the inside but so warm on the outside hoping you can read between the lines! How am I giving my all but, the grass ain’t greener on the other side. But, the other side is where my heart died. Dangerously in love with pain that comes with loving you….

Return of the Omnivore: Thoughts of an Ex-Vegan

While vegan, I was convinced that it was the key to optimal health. I thought eating plant-based foods would transform me into a ‘better’ version of my former self. My desire to become vegan was to improve the quality of my skin and to become stronger mentally/emotionally. During the first year, my skin appeared to…

Cheesy Egg Bites Recipe

Forget waiting in a long drive-thru for these little babies. Now you can make them yourself. They are great for on-the-go breakfast, brunches and even a quick snack. Prep a bunch of these cheesy egg bites and then freeze them for another day. That’s what these businesses do! To spare you from scrolling to eternity…