The Locks Have Always Been the Same

I waited for you to come homeI stood there; arms stretched outstraining my cuffs at the joints,waiting for gravity to leech into your marrowfrom gorging yourself on the milk from my orchard of fruitless anticipations.I dissected and bred my faith’s primal instincts to believe that you would fall helplessinto the scents that called you familiar.Tension…

Two Dogs Howling

Two dogs sit howling. They stop. ONE starts up again. The other joins in.They stop, look at each other, look away and howl again. ONE stops. DOG ONEWhat are you howling about? DOG TWOThe moon. TWO rolls over on his back. TWOScratch my belly. ONE(Offended.)No. TWO starts to howl lying on his on back. ONE…

Author Spotlight: Larry Buenafe

Singular (Self-Published) by Larry Buenafe, Visalia, California, US Fiction Tell us about your book. Technology can save us. It can also kill us all if we’re not careful. How far will a parent go to save their child? If you’re John Taylor, you’ll go as far as it takes. The year is 2051. Due to…

Maul it Over

I can’t hear you, but I know what you’re saying. My Nonna taught me how to read lips. She refused to wear a hearing aid. She said she’d earned her right not to listen to people’s shit. I was sitting on the floor watching F Troop. I thought the leading actor, Ken Berry, was cute….

Treating Our Battered and Beautiful Wounds

After Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb” a Broward College Lecture at the Music, Film, Literature and Art Festival, “Admist the Chaos: Rise Up and Move Forward” A Letter from the Editor by Zorina Exie Frey We are coming home from a war we never left home for. Broken, wounded, and bruised. Still bleeding….

It’s Over! It’s Finally Over!

The year that must not be named is finally over. May your 2021 and beyond be filled with hope, health, prosperity, good company, and peace.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays. Be kind to one another. #holidays2020

The Cathedral

Strength hides where where one refuses to seek. #wisdom #thoughts