NEW! Volume 6 Cover

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An unusual type of treatment. #illness #coping

Ghost Ranch

When it’s not a big deal…but it really is. #confrontation #friendship

The Real Me

Acceptance = Deal with It
#selfworth #selflove #perception

The Best You Could

“Good morning. This is Alicia from Lake Serenity Nursing Home, and I’m trying to reach Kate Watts.” “This is she.” Her eyes darted to the right in an air of suspicion. “How can I help you?” “Great,” she sighed. “I’m so glad I reached you. I’m calling on behalf of Eunice Brown. She’s asked me…

As I Hold His Hand

I kneel down to tie the laces on his shoes. Again, he’s in those brown loafers, the ones which he insists on wearing daily, no matter their shabby condition. Hesitantly, he gets up from the chair. He stands almost erect as his back seems a little stiff today. The small red tote bag on the…

Sea Glass

Seeing glass in a humane way.
#broken #enviroment #selfworth