Hair Myths, Finally busted. The struggle is Real Y’all!

In 29 years I’ve heard them all. From hair growth to hair thinning and greying and it’s causes: thinning, plucking, shaving, genetics, and even cutting your hair on a full moon! That’s just lunar or shall I say loonier and will not even be addressed! I’m going to do my best to explain the truths behind some of the top hair myths that many may be struggling with, and if you are going to a stylist that is not dispelling these myths, it may be time to move on. So here we go or shall I say “grow!”

Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.

What the what? The truth is hair grows from the scalp, not the ends. While trimming the ends can help stop the ends from splitting and make the hair appear thicker, the reasons for slow hair growth has everything to do with a person’s internal health and nutritional habits. Make sure you are including a diet rich in protein, zinc, and vitamin D. Many of us are dieting and restricting our caloric intake causing hair to grow in more slowly and thinner. Take a biotin supplement to insure you are getting the proper nutrition for you and your hair.

If I pluck one grey hair two will grow back.

Again this myth is a bust. Plucking just leaves you with less hair! I suggest a hair color session with a professional to take care of your graying locks and step away from the tweezers.

Should I brush 100 strokes a day?

No! This damages the outer layer of hair called the cuticle. Only brush to de-tangle and then stop. People use to think this would distribute scalp oil throughout the strand and increase circulation. Remember, nutrition is key.

Should I switch shampoos because my hair gets use to the shampoo?

This one makes me laugh. Hair is dead keratin cells. You can change your shampoo if your needs change. For example: dry scalp, dandruff (yes, different than dry scalp) or a volumizing shampoo, get the idea?

Wearing a hat causes hair loss by cutting off circulation, men get the bald gene from their mother’s side, and shampooing too often causes excessive shedding.

Not even close. That hat would have to be pretty tight! Biology 101 says balding genes come from both sides, and shampooing too often has nothing to do with hairs naturally shedding. If it’s ready to fall out, it will in the shower or appear in your brush.

I can’t color my hair if I’m pregnant.

Ugh! I’m fat, hormonal, and my skin is a mess—now I have to live with dark or gray roots! Thank goodness this is also untrue. Hair color is not absorbed through the scalp. The biggest concern is inhaling ammonia fumes that are found in permanent color or bleach. Thankfully hair color has changed throughout the decades and is gentle and low in ammonia. Go to a professional salon with good ventilation. If you’re still afraid of using chemicals while you are pregnant there are semi-permanent non-ammonia color options. You can schedule a full spa day after your bundle of joy arrives!I could go on all day about these and many other hair myths. My suggestion for everyone is to find a hair professional that you trust and believe and do your own research to help put you at ease. Your hair is your defining quality, your crowning glory. Let’s face it ladies, a bad hair day is last thing we need to deal with as we take over the world!


Kerri Spencer is the salon owner of Kerri’s Avenue Salon in Granger, Indiana, It Works global health and wellness coach, a cosmetology educator, and global master colorist. Visit her website!

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