The Letter A

#newfiction “It was bad enough having to move through society with the scarlet letter A stitched to the broadcloth of her coat, but now her house has been marked. Hester sees the UPS truck stop in front of her home.”

Maul it Over

I can’t hear you, but I know what you’re saying. My Nonna taught me how to read lips. She refused to wear a hearing aid. She said she’d earned her right not to listen to people’s shit. I was sitting on the floor watching F Troop. I thought the leading actor, Ken Berry, was cute….

Dearly Beloved…

Sometimes, it’s really not so hard to say goodbye. #funerals #departed

Gambling on a Budget

A man’s saves his money in hopes for an ultimate win. #gambling #takingchances

How Does it Feel?

How does it feel to see a ghost from the past? Actually, bone-shivering-take-your-breath-away-startling! I saw him on the deserted subway platform. We both aged, I, now a mature woman, and he, now quite frail and elderly, stooped, tottering along, barely being able to walk, leaning heavily on a very, very European cane. He still had…

The Zoo [Fiction]

“The Zoo” by Andrew Paul Grell – A short story about managing order within an un-orderly institution.

Paranoid [Fiction]

Paranoid – A fictitious story about #addiction written by #JonBenhan