The Zoo [Fiction]

“The Zoo” by Andrew Paul Grell – A short story about managing order within an un-orderly institution.

Paranoid [Fiction]

Paranoid – A fictitious story about #addiction written by #JonBenhan

High-Tech Baby Buggy [Fiction]

“Just look at this! This is just lovely, isn’t it?” Keira says, stroking her—or to put it more precisely, her son’s new buggy, all shiny metal with enormous wheels. Keira and I sometimes meet at the Almássy Park. The walk is inevitable. So is the meeting. A whole year has passed since then. Keira’s one-and-a-half-year-old…

A Visitation [Fiction]

What happens to Flora when she checks into a quaint little motel? Read more to find out. #paranormal #fiction.

Thecla, a Dark Romance [Fiction]

I kicked him in the face when I first saw him. Now seeing him perched at the right hand of this man, this dictator they worshipped—Bishop Kato, they called him, all adorned in the finest sheepskin and whatever other animals he was wearing, made me want to kick him right off his man-made pedestal. “I…