Dancing Red [Fiction]

As a half-dead, I try to be inside and outside at the same time. As a big fan of horror, I watched all of the horror movies so no one could scare me. I visited the horror tree, I threw myself in the abandoned houses, haunted hotels and nothing could make me afraid even for a moment.

One evening this weird idea came to my head that whispered “the graves”. I realized that maybe I will find the real fear while spending my nights in my grave among the other graves with my dead friends. So I became officially half dead and wandered throughout the forests in the day and sleep quietly in my grave at night.
Many long nights were spent without a bit of fear until this exclusive night when I heard whispering coming from outside. The voices were talking about the terrible crime of a girl. She was 12 years old when they found her body in the wooden cave.

One of the human voices outside asked his friend about the reason for her death. His fellow answered “Nobody knows, but the weird thing is that they found her head shelved! The mother said that she was a brave girl who never feared anything and that she wanted to be scared until her hair danced.

The first voice silenced.
“What color was her hair?” The other voice asked.

I felt something touch me. Something moves underneath my body. Then I see it and the voice outside whispers, “Red curly hair.”

Written by Amirah AL- wassif – Egypt, Damietta, Al Zarka

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Feature Photo by Ahmed

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