Life and death. The bottom or top of the food chain? #poetrycommunity

Pub Cure

Is the answer at the bottom of an empty glass? #drinking


Communication breakdown out and within. #solitude #poetry


Here’s to appreciating Mother Earth a little better. #nature

Dangerously in Love

It’s crazy how I’m cold on the inside but so warm on the outside hoping you can read between the lines! How am I giving my all but, the grass ain’t greener on the other side. But, the other side is where my heart died. Dangerously in love with pain that comes with loving you….

My Books

This #poem is dedicated to the #booklovers in the house!

The Shape of History

Once I too had ambition I had the usual dreams of glory and grandeur All I wanted to be was to be a great creative genius Only I did not know How to kiss ass creatively Once I had dreams of greatness I would be glorious and free All would envy and admire This man…