“Every day I erase pieces of myself…”
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Lust Lost

In his flat.In his second flat.The hippie house.My cars, first and second.A houseboat.That old country hotel with no towels.On our beach.The caravan out on the lookout point.At my parent’s house, my single room.The island, resort, nook down by the river.A city park.Camping.Quieter now and in the dark.You still seemed near.But you were gone.Left,moved on. Written…

Diet Junkie

I’m a diet junkie, a sucker for every new food plan that hits the streets, or the web. Juice fasting, fruit smoothies, veggie shakes–I’m in! Grapefruit diet, plant-based vegetarian or vegan, fruitarian or pescatarian. Sign me up! Broth-based soup with only green vegetables as passengers on that train.  I’ll cook Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Med…

paper doll

the world is flatno matter proofof scientists the atmospheredullclouds merelypainted on the sky frozen faceno muscle memory heresmiling feels contrived a paper dolledges crumblingwith age fill me with airso that I may floatinto the atmosphere Written by Renee Butner – Clemmons, North Carolina, United States Feature Photo by Michael Burrows

So Be I

Strong #poetry right here!

The Locks Have Always Been the Same

I waited for you to come homeI stood there; arms stretched outstraining my cuffs at the joints,waiting for gravity to leech into your marrowfrom gorging yourself on the milk from my orchard of fruitless anticipations.I dissected and bred my faith’s primal instincts to believe that you would fall helplessinto the scents that called you familiar.Tension…

The Cathedral

Strength hides where where one refuses to seek. #wisdom #thoughts

Black Bird

Flying free despite everything.
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