Return of the Omnivore: Thoughts of an Ex-Vegan

While vegan, I was convinced that it was the key to optimal health. I thought eating plant-based foods would transform me into a ‘better’ version of my former self. My desire to become vegan was to improve the quality of my skin and to become stronger mentally/emotionally. During the first year, my skin appeared to…


Self-awareness on a darker type of crazy. #dysfunctional

The Shape of History

Once I too had ambition I had the usual dreams of glory and grandeur All I wanted to be was to be a great creative genius Only I did not know How to kiss ass creatively Once I had dreams of greatness I would be glorious and free All would envy and admire This man…

Gambling on a Budget

A man’s saves his money in hopes for an ultimate win. #gambling #takingchances