Author Spotlight: Stephen Halpert

Abracadabra Moonshine and Other Stories

Abracadabra Moonshine and Other Stories book cover
Abracadabra Moonshine and Other Stories by Stephen Halpert

By Stephen Halpert, North Grafton, Massachusetts.


Tell us about your book.

A tour de force of wit, humor and insight into the human condition. These magical stories will entrance, entertain and prompt readers to ponder the true nature of reality.

This collection of short stories challenges the reader’s perception of reality. It is intended to expand reader’s consciousness in the manner of teaching tales from mystical traditions.

Order “Abracadabra Moonshine and Other Stories” on Amazon.

What’s next for you as an author?

A new collections of short stories and flash fiction, Mona Lisa’s Eyebrows to be published toward the end of 2020.

Contact Stephen at:

sthalpert [at]

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