Haiku of Workplace Woes [Poetry]

Token black person.
Is feared when educated.
A pet when they’re not.

Where’s my manager?
Meanwhile, I manage the work.
Years. No promotion.

Customer service.
“I’m here for a little while.”
The famous last words.

Quiet resentment
Equals more work and less thanks.
They depend on you.

Goals. Aspirations.
Hard work and diligence pays.
In time and reward


White girl working hard.
Not good. Black girl working hard.
She’s not good enough.

Job application.
Equal opportunity.
Wants to know my race.

Job application.
Black? White? Hispanic? Boy? Girl?
Separate but equal.


To manage yourself
Means managing your boss and
Basically, manage!

From the book:

Open, Candid Haiku about Everyday Life (2015)

Buy the entire book of haiku on Amazon.
Zorina Frey Miami Book Fair
Written by Zorina Frey

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