The Magic Show [Poetry]

It’s that abracadabra,
They’ve come to entertain and distort your focus.
Keep your eyes open.
The message is potent.
Designer illusions
Draw your conclusions.

Keep your eyes open.
The message is potent
Smoke and mirrors.
Presentation crystal clear.

Defying the laws of physics.
Sit for a spell.
Levitate your understanding to unseen planes.
Let them trick your mind. Think you’re insane.
Magic at its finest.


A new kind of magic.
Beautiful, light-hearted souls.
The illusions are bold.
The message foretold.

How many fingers do you see?
Is this your card?
Go ’head.
Pick any.
The punch line ups the ante.
What you see isn’t what you get.
It’s what you want.
Saw your psyche in half
Dropping you thru trapped doors.

See magicians hitting cerebral switches
Freaking your optic nerve.
Stimulating your fancy with the intentions of crafting
a phantasm of reality.

Written by Zorina Exie Frey – Miami, Florida

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