My Situation. My Choice. [Poetry]

I was closed in a shell no one could open.
Low self esteem, but the body of a Goddess.
Thinking compliments were sarcastic jokes.
Can’t get the boy I want and lose all hopes.

Went to college and things changed.
Yes! They remember my name.
And when I walk pass they glance back.
Yeah, I was happy but commonsense I lacked.

First party of the year with my friend.

She brought her man and he, his ‘bros.’
Older than we were and looking for hoes.

He passed me a drink, I gladly accept.
Several minutes later it all went black.

Silently crying, screaming, pleading for help.
Feeling the pain down there, I make a yelp.

The following morning I was greeted with laughs.
To think she was my friend, way from the past.
“I didn’t want to come in, thought you’d get mad.”
“Oh you didn’t want that, I feel really bad.”

So did I as the semester went by and my belly increased in size.
Constantly telling myself ‘no, I don’t want this surprise.’
And it continued to grow until one night-
I felt a horrible pain all in my stomach.
Didn’t know what it was so I ignored it…

Written by: Anonymous, “Miss LA”

Photo by Maricio Marscaro

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