My Books

They’ve been with me more
than anyone I’ve loved.
Some are heavy, some are light.
None are dead weight.

I’ve packed them and stacked them,
from one continent to another,
between towns, even rooms of my house.
Some are worn from constant handling.
Others gather dust on the highest shelves.

I could point you to one
that has not been cracked open in years,
that, if it were a child,
would file for negligence.
But it is a child.
And I love them all equally.
Not for their content necessarily.
But how they occupy a space.

They were all in bookstores once,
up front in windows,
or in the back, like dogs
given up hope of ever being adopted.
I found a second hand copy of “Walden”
with a flower pressed into its pages.
The flower is still there.

My copy of “Lord Jim,”
also twice-loved,
is inscribed with a name
and an address in Paris
dated October 3rd 1927,
on its dedication page.

I searched for the house on Google Earth,
discovered an unprepossessing stone house
on an unpretentious avenue.
My book’s owner I expect is long dead.
Did I say “my book”?
I meant to say “our book.”

Written by John Grey – Johnston, Rhoade Island – USA

 Feature Photo by Danny

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