I’ve Been More Productive Than Ever. However…

So last Friday, I spent an entire days worth of work creating a spreadsheet of book bloggers and reviewers. Then the next day, I separated the ones that offered a simple email address and those who have specific submission requirements.

Why did I do this?

I’m an independent publisher. I publish my own written work (and others). I did this to solicit some book reviews for one of my books.

Out of 88 bloggers, only 4 have responded so far. 🙄 This is what you’ll have to deal with when marketing your book, even if a publisher selects your manuscript. With the handy-dandy use of online tools, publishers expect you to market your own book. They have tons of authors that they’ll jump start with a press release, online campaign, and maybe even a book signing, but then honestly, if you’re not paying for it, they’re on to the next project.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because as an aspiring author, you’re going to have to solicit either your manuscript or the book itself.

Why are we always waiting for someone to validate us? Let’s just learn how to do it ourselves, OK?

You’re Gonna Learn How to Self-Publish and You’re Going to Like It! Maybe.

Whether you choose to hire someone to publish your book or you want to do it yourself, it’s still important to take the responsibility to learn much as you can about the publishing process. This way, you’re not driving your publisher crazy spending time explaining things to you while he or she can be productive working on publishing your book!

At Least 5 Benefits to Taking This Class…

  1. FREE DOWNLOAD of “The Right Way to Self Publish” ebook.
  2. Adobe InDesign – Format your book’s interior without the hassle of readjusting your page numbers and paragraphs. Create a manageable table of contents. Free 7-day download link included.
  3. Adobe Photoshop – Design a professional-looking book cover without paying an artist hundreds of dollars. Free 7-day download included.
  4. HTML Coding – Learn basic computer coding language so that you can better manage your website and format ebooks.
  5. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – Go through a step-by-step process on publishing your paperback and ebook on one of the most popular independent publishing platforms. Sell your book on Amazon!

And there’s so much more!


Keep grinding and stay hopeful!  ~ Zorina F


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