Angel Fire

The sun was shining when I kissed her.
It never occurred to me that she was an angel in disguise.
My eyes lit up to her radiant body.
Probably because I was distracted by her psyche and beauty.
I don’t take mental sexually lightly.
She might be the one for me but I know that God has kept her out of my reach so I continued to preach the gospel of love.
I never caged a beautiful beloved dove.
My soul demands her but my body frees love.
I spot her and kissed her forehead.
I shed the coat of world war and we share the robe of love God gave us.
I thrust my body with hers.
Angelic fire consumed our physical structures till they burned away.
She’s the one I prayed for, but I can not detour from the charge has given me. I must destroy her enemies.
I’m not sure of what power she has given me but I will guard it with my heart entirely.
Do not weep for me for I have seen true beauty in her mind.
In time I will see my angel again.

Written by Roman Pierce – Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Feature Photo by Jairo David Arboleda

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