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With Hulus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, not to mention regular ole cable, it’s getting pretty hard to figure out what to spend your precious time on to watch. Even in this pandemic when it seems as if there’s plenty of time to binge, you still don’t want to waste time watching something that sucks. I know I don’t. It’s like going out to eat and taking your chance on a restaurant on the strength of just trying something new…only to find out you should’ve just stuck with your regular programming. Sure, you’ve seen all the key syndicated episodes of King of Queens, Seinfeld, Modern Family, Friends, and The Big Bang Theory, but they’re still entertaining and like burgers and fries, they won’t let you down. Well, neither will mother and son duo, Ruby and Travis when it comes to suggesting the best television series, movies, and anime shows to watch. Seriously, they have never let me down. Not once.

I’m a writer, editor, publisher and a full-time student. So, I’m in front of a computer looking at some type of word document and flooding my search engine with suspicious keywords and phrases. If it ain’t part of the Marvel Universe, I honestly don’t know what to watch.

I would’ve never taken a second look at The Boys or The Umbrella Academy, but thanks to the podcast, Watched it, Let’s Talk, I’m good. Once I’m done with a series, I go straight back to Ruby and Travis to find out what to watch next.

These guys are also funny. Their chemistry is so buddy-buddy, that you forget what you’re listening to is a mother/son dynamic. They also respect whether or not you’ve seen the show, so no spoilers!

So, whenever you’re looking for some good entertainment, get entertained with Ruby and Travis with Watched It, Let’s Talk!

Watched, Let’s Talk is also available on Apple Podcast.

Follow “Watched It, Let’s Talk” on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

Written by Zorina Exie J. Frey, Editor

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