4 Steps for Troubleshooting a Marriage

Turn it off and back on.

If your marriage has been in continuous use
for a lengthy period of time,
a decade or more, for example,
it may need to be refreshed.
Consider spending some time,
a weekend perhaps, apart.
When you come back together,
check to see if the marriage
has rebooted successfully.

If the restart doesn’t work,
look for a faulty connection.

It may be that there is a communication
breakdown due to faulty wires
or one of the partners may have unplugged.
If this seems to be the case,
a variant of step 1 may work.
The two partners may require time alone together,
free of other normal distractions.
A vacation designed
to facilitate communication
and 1-to-1 interaction
may help to remove static and provide
the opportunity for connectors to be re-attached.

If the connections are too frayed,
it may be necessary to use
a third party as interpreter.

Marriage counseling may provide
a translator who can act
as an adapter to repair the endpoints.

If none of the above steps work,
it may be time to throw out
the old marriage
and seek a replacement.

Written by Terri Simon – Laurel, Maryland – United States

Feature Photo by Zdeněk Macháček

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  1. Pat Milone says:

    Terri Simon’s poem is so clever! I’ve been married 52 years and have only had to implement steps 1 & 2. He’s a keeper.

    Liked by 1 person

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