Commitment [Poetry]

Afraid of commitment
If I decide to be committed, the love for that person isn’t going to be real.

These past relationships didn’t warn me how many times I would be left heart-broken.

Commitment isn’t meant for me.
I say, “I love you”
From the top to bottom of my heart, but I don’t mean it.

I’m afraid of commitment because I’m afraid of not being loved.
Commitment has created a hole in my heart,
forcing me to never trust or love a lady who’s willing to love me.

Even if she is, my heart is already filled with disbelief.

Commitment has failed me too many times before.
The only choice I have is to treat a lady with kindness,

but never let her breakdown my walls and
make sure I never say I LOVE YOU!

Those very words can lead you to your death bed sooner than you can imagine.

Commitment is a promise that I’ve learned not to keep!
Commitment isn’t happy commitment is an ending!

Written by Kevin Brantley Jr.

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