Mary Jane, My Balm [Poetry]

I was told when you have a problem that’s too much to handle
Get down on both knees and pray!
In my case, I spend my time with Mary Jane!
I’ve known Mary Jane since we were kids!
I tend to ignore everyone in this world except for her because she’s the one person I can count on
She feels my pain and how crazy life can get when you’re struggling every day
Mary Jane is the only one that eases the pain and sorrow,
hoping that there’s a future in today and tomorrow
If I didn’t have her by my side, I think I’ll be long gone
Strung out on different drugs
Having a hard time hearing my own song
Knowing everything isn’t really working in my favor
I used feel like I was worthless like crumbled-up piece of paper
With no purpose at all
Everyone stepping on me
Talking about my insecurities
Filled with dreams I hope to accomplish one day
My heart was filled with darkness
Every word that comes out my enemy’s mouth rips me apart
Mary Jane
My light source to show me the way through the valley of death.
As long as I was with her,
Everything is going to forever alright!
Mary Jane
She has my back until the end of time

Written by Kevin Brantley Jr.

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