When Change is Necessary [Editorial]

According to Merriam-Webster, a shape-shifter is “one that seems able to
change form or identity at will.”

Yep. I’m encouraging you to change form at will! Especially when you encounter various obstacles in your life. Deciding to work on yourself because you’re ready to overcome difficulties is a powerful way to activate personal transformation.

Dreading going to work due to your office environment? Work on yourself.

Currently unsatisfied in your relationship? Work on yourself.

Not getting along with family members? Work on yourself.

Do you notice a pattern yet?


You are the common denominator in the aforementioned situations, which means you have the ability to change what isn’t working for you. Regardless of what it may feel like at the moment, the challenges you experience are changeable. Challenges are changeable.

When you decide to invest in yourself by nurturing yourself, it is then possible for you to begin the process of shifting it in your favor.

The first step in this process is to prioritize yourself. Set time aside to write down what currently isn’t working in your life. Then look for opportunities to solve them. You can do this by seeking out others who have experienced similar difficulties and were able to successfully overcome them.

One way to accomplish this is by engaging in actions related to solving your issue(s). Solutions are everywhere when you’re looking for them. Focus on activities that can produce the answers you seek; read material that addresses your challenge(s), join support groups, or work with a mentor to guide you through this transformation process.

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Once you’ve decided to care for yourself in this way, you’ll be more inclined to make different choices. Different choices create different experiences. For example, consider the dissatisfaction you might be experiencing in a relationship. You may choose to approach the relationship from a different perspective because you value it, and want or need to maintain it; or, you can decide to end it because it no longer benefits you mentally, spiritually, or even physically.

This type of approach is not a quick fix; however, it’s a type of metamorphosis that places the power back in your hands. It’s the type of change that can make you look different. You’re friends and family will even notice it! Feel different and see thing in a different way. Don’t worry! Choosing to change form or how you respond to life’s challenges can be fun. It’s all up to you.

So, what will you do now that you know you can shape-shift?

Written by Janine Jackson – Miami, Florida

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  1. Milone says:

    In tears this morning at losing Gillum, Shaw, and possibly Nelson … VOTER RESTORATION may be the change that makes the difference in 2020.

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