Happy Birthday to Me [Prose Poem]

Happy birthday Kev!

Blow out all 22 candles so that your wishes can come true!

Happy birthday!

You’re growing up so fast!

It feels like it was just yesterday that you were just a baby!

Happy birthday!

Make sure you enjoy your birthday to the fullest!

Life is too short; you never know when it’s your time to go.

Happy birthday this and happy birthday that!

All I know is there’s a lot of fake smiles in my face.

I don’t believe a damn thing they say! Nor do I believe they wish me the best.

I don’t walk around with an “S” on my chest like I’m Superman.

I rock a “D” on my chest because I feel like a dead man.

Happy birthday KJ! I didn’t even know that today was your birthday!

I understand you have a tribe of kids but you shouldn’t forget your oldest son’s birthday!

You wouldn’t have remembered if grandpa didn’t call to wish me a happy birthday.

We’ve been away from each other for about 13 years, but now I’m with you!

Damn! I would at least expect you to not to forget about my birthday!

All I wanted was get the chance to sit down and get to know my Pops;

So that my Pops can get to me.

Happy 22nd birthday to me.

One of the worst birthdays I ever had.

It’s crazy when I can’t get one simple thing.

But, then again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Written by Kevin Brantley, Jr. – Miami, Florida


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