Courage Grew [Poetry]

Courage grew out of nowhere
In the midst of my storms
with no light
and hell on my heels

Courage grew
Like a wild blackberry vine
Eliminating the stench in my life
All because I told myself the truth
For once
An uncovering
a way to clean up the messes I made

Courage grew
with my need for less makeup
Less of a desire to hide my flaws

Courage grew
even while fear remained
It was a shoving match for dominance
Between fear and my mind

A calming comes
An ease like a morning whisper settles over me
Rejoicing comes easier
even during anguish


I breathe more now
Less holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop
Let the world drop their shoes now!
I could care less about the thuds hitting the ground
I am transparent
Light as a feather
From the weights that once anchored me

Courage is a good plant
if watered
It can sustain you
Like the herbs
Courage is therapy for the soul

Written by: Ramon Shawntez Jackson – Oakland, California


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