Not Good with Words [Poetry]

I wish I was good with words or was able to tell you the truth about how I feel about you.

But, I’m too busy blinding thinking I’m not the best fit for you. Losing hope of their being an us.

I’ve been trying to look for love and thinking that I’ve found love
but it’s really lust.

I’m trying to tell you that I can’t go a day without seeing or being around you.

I’m also trying to tell you that whenever you and I hang out, I’m falling deeper in love with you.

I’m probably moving way too fast

I’m not good with words
I know you know that I want you to be mine but you aren’t really ready for a relationship.


I guess I get too carried away!

Which leads me to not being good with words.
My downfall when it comes to you.

Lately, I’ve been trying gather up all of my thoughts so that I can finally tell you how I feel.

But, something stopping me from telling you.
I feel like
you already found someone better suited for you than me.

Not being good with words is killing me
I know you will never love me!
It’s too damn bad
I’m not good with words!

Written by: Kevin Brantley Jr. – Miami, Florida


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