Generational Curses [Poetry]

Some people believe family is everything.
Some people don’t.
Some people believe if they don’t put enough distance between themselves and their family,
they will drown
in an abyss of generational failure
emotionally, and perhaps,
even physically.
We are taught to listen to our parents.
Obey them.
Respect them.
Quite naturally, do what they do.
So what happens if what they are doing isn’t right?
What happens if what they believe isn’t right?
What happens when what they’ve taught us isn’t right?
What happens when,
What happens if,
They haven’t discerned that times have changed and
They’re stuck in their old ways?
How do you know what to believe and
What to weed out?
How do you deal?
How can we fulfill
Our purpose in this day and age when
We are listening to ideals that were decades
However, new things can be made from old.
Old ideas can be renewed. Chew
On that for a second.
Spit out what you can’t swallow.
Doesn’t mean that it’s ALL right.

Written by Zorina Frey

CTA 2.4.2


One Comment Add yours

  1. Pat Milone says:

    Good one! … I have many friends who had to leave family to thrive, they created their own family of friends.


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