Avengers Endgame: What Does it All Mean? [Spoiler]

There are people who just don’t get what the hype is about with superhero movies and it’s simple: they tell a good story.

Except for the first Hulk movie. Wtf with that one.

In context of the Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Antman, and upcoming Black Panther, Captain Marvel franchises, all of storylines were strong enough to stand alone while coming together to tell a wonderful action and heartfelt tale about camaraderie and choosing between what’s truly right and wrong at any cost. This is the basic storyline you’ll find in elementary literature like, oh I don’t know, comic books!

Side note: Is Dr. Strange going to be a franchise?

What Marvel has done here is complicated this storyline a bit so that it’s better suited for adult audiences while keeping the imagery and action colorful enough to keep the attention span of a kid. Albeit, Endgame was a little PG13, but whatever.

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While this storyline that Marvel calls “Phase I” is riddled with superheroes like War Machine, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and The Winter Soldier, the story as a whole seems to revolve around Ironman, Captain America, and Thor.

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Tony Stark – Ironman

This dude sets it off, but not on purpose. Ironman, played by Robert Downey Jr., was created as a means of escape when he got kidnapped by some dudes so they can get access to his warheads—the commodity that made him a billionaire. Tony’s character took on the persona of a narcissistic “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” who, according to Captain America, “wouldn’t make the sacrifice play” when it came down to it.

Rogers was right, but then he was wrong. So wrong!

Damn! Damn! Damn!

The Ironman franchise goes on to introduce Black Widow, War Machine, and Pepper Potts. As this particular storyline progressed it became more about how tortured Tony Stark was becoming about his unknown destiny. Ever since The Avengers (2012), the monkey of Thano’s army led by Loki (Tom Hiddleson) had been on Stark’s back which was why he created an army of centurions (Ironman 3 and Age of Ultron). Tony was also torn by the carnage that The Avengers left behind (Spiderman Homecoming offers a great perspective of this) and sided with the Sokovia Accords (Captain America Civil War) that required all superheroes to register their superpowers so that the government can regulate them. In other words, Tony was starting to give a damn. So throughout this 11-year period, Tony Stark went from a narcissistic billionaire playboy who made his fortune from warheads to a family man who made the ultimate sacrifice play to save the world.

fred sandford

Before biting the big one, Tony Stark went back in time on a time heist mission with the remaining Avengers and was able to reconcile with his father. This gave him a final peace within himself for a proper ending to his character. It was sad, but it was also beautiful.

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Steve Rogers – Captain America

Played by Chris Evans, Captain America went from being a puny little dude who the army didn’t even want to an enhanced soldier who became as symbolic as the American Flag. So when he went against the Sokovia Accords, he was committing the ultimate treason against his country. But even then, it seemed righteous. His beard was supposed to reveal his “dark” side I guess, but it was like “woo-hoo!” Still, Steve Rogers seems to be the compass for leadership here, so the pendulum of his character’s evolvement doesn’t swing too far to the left or right but it swings, believe that!

Seriously, it’s like Captain America can do no wrong. Throughout the 11 years, his character’s transformation basically went from good to honorable to worthy enough to wield Thor’s hammer. I mean…


In the Captain America franchise, Falcon (Anthony Mackie), the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), Spiderman (Tom Holland), Antman (Paul Rudd), and Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) is introduced to the team. The Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) was introduced in Age of Ultron.

In the Endgame, Steve Rogers also had to fight himself. He knew what his own strengths and his weaknesses were: his best friend and the love of his life—and used one of them against himself. It wasn’t brawn. It was wit that won himself over.

Rogers goes back in time only to realize his life is really…back in time when he crashed into the ice. He’s been trying to convince everyone to move on from the whole Thanos (Josh Brolin) apocalypse when he never moved on from his own personal apocalypse where he was the one who disappeared from the world. After returning the Infinity Stones to their rightful timeline, he then returned himself to his own rightful timeline. After living a full life, he came back as an old man to pass the Captain America mantle on to his boy, Sam Wilson (Falcon).

He’s back and he’s black!

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Sam Wilson – Falcon – Captain America


Wait a minute: A Black Captain America?

Yes! The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) is now Captain America, folks! There should’ve been a roar of applause in all of the black theaters because just think about it… Captain America…of the United States…is black. If Marvel does a fraction of what they did with Black Panther’s storyline in terms of embracing black culture and society…ya’ll don’t hear me!


Black. Captain America.

Falcon 2

It’s like being able to tell some fictitious stories of what might happen in a world where the leader of a free world that was built on racism and bigotry was led by a black man.

take me to church
I’m here for it, baby! Cut the check and take my money!


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Thor Odinson, Ruler of Asgard

Oh my god, Chris Hemsworth’s character is the most colorful of them all in Endgame and I enjoyed every scene he was in! Talk about character development.

Screenwriting 101 teaches us that every character should start one way and end the total opposite, more or less. Marvel totally did that with Thor. I mean, he was the sexiest, most confident, and strongest Avenger. By all purposes of this fictional story, he’s a god! So to end Phase I with him being overweight, drunken, and insecure is hilarious! Although, you can’t blame the dude. It seems that he of all the Avengers lost the most. His entire family got murdered, but not before getting his butt kicked by his sister who gauged his eye out, his entire planet was annihilated, and anyone who was left was handled by Thanos—or so we thought until Endgame. Apparently, some Asgardians were left. Plothole, but whatev’s.

In the Thor franchise, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and a new kind of Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is introduced.

In Endgame, Thor goes back in time, retrieves his hammer and accidentally receives much needed counsel from his mother. Who doesn’t want their mommy when they’re down and out? I mean, if you can’t confide in your mother when you’re fat and travel back in time, who can you talk to?

It’s clear that Thor’s storyline isn’t over since he’s boarded the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship. However, the arc of his storyline in Phase I is satisfying nonetheless. We all want to see more of Fat Thor so this is going to be great!


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Natasha Romanoff – Black Widow

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). I just don’t really think she’s gone. Probably because I know there’s a Black Widow movie in the works. Here’s the thing though: There’s been so many Black Widowish movies out like Red Sparrow and Peppermint, one wonders how Marvel is going to make her standalone movie…stand out. For one, Marvel fans already know this character, but not really. I’m thinking this could be a prequel for us to find out what actually may have happened in Budapest with her and Hawkeye. We’ll no doubt get more insight to Nat “having red in her ledger” (Avengers) and her flashback in Age of Ultron. There could also be a flashback/time jump in her movie too, I’m speculating. Just as sure as War Machine could be in Black Panther movies, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) could also make an appearance in her new Ironman suit in the Black Widow movie. Tony Stark will live on in the Marvel universe for sure! Also, am I tripping or…

Is Black Widow in the New Spiderman Movie?

What Does it All Mean?


So what have we learned here? Ironman had to see his daddy. Thor had to see his mother, and Captain American had to face himself. Even superheroes have to get right with who they are and where they come from before winning the game. Did it take 11 years to say that? Perhaps. Sometimes, it takes people an entire lifetime to get it.

What’s the Fate of the Other Avengers after Endgame?

There’s so many more sub storylines to dissect like Nebula’s (Karen Gillan) daddy, sister, and self-issues—all which played a crucial part in the Endgame plot. There’s Hawkeye’s (Jeremy Renner) whole rouge ninja gig and him adopting an Asian kid. What’s up with that? Bucky’s a.k.a. The Winter Soldier’s (James Buchanan) relationship with Wakanda as The White Wolf (Infinity War), and what happened with Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) to make her cut her hair? Last, but never least, Mr. Bruce Banner finally embracing all of who he is, the good, the bad, and the green, but really, who’s willing to read much more of this? I totally get appealing to people’s attention spans and I thank you guys for skimming through this article. I hope I offered a new perspective in terms of storytelling.

The Mystery Kid at the Funeral

I found out that’s the kid in Iron Man 3 who he gifted with all that stuff in the garage, if you didn’t know that already. Ok. That’s it for now.

Guess I’ll see you after Spiderman Far From Home if it’s good enough!

Written by Zorina Frey

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Written by Zorina Frey

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