Right No Wrong [Poetry]

Beauty I say is in the beholding of the eyes
which are in the depth of the soul.

Precious is the being created with the image
of such a beautiful and heart filled thing.

Who is to say what is right for the beauty
of such things not felt in the depth of the soul.

No light can out shine the darkness nor any
night overcome the day, less they precede.

Precious is a woman that of her beauty, as that
being her strength, with her body being her temple.

She is endowed with such qualities that are designed
for the caring that so nurtures that of our very being.

She has the strength to hold upon her shoulder the
weight of the world and on her bosom a baby child.

She is love and the meanings of love, for if we right
no wrong then we will not wrong the right we love.

Written by Sam Mathis – Homestead, FL

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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