Re-Introduction [Poetry]

Allow me to reintroduce myself,
my name is Tiff, T-I double F.
I used to make rounds, wiping butts on the first shift.
Back then known as CNA
With no letters before or after my name.

Finally passed a certified test,
had some success
Flyer than the test result of PASS!
Got the grade that saved my ass!

Hello Kitty scrubs, long hair in a bun,
lions mane can restrain a tech on the run.
Keys to the kingdom in my pocket,
alarm looking like a Mace locket.

TIFF- I’m not on NPR yet,
but similar to that PRN med that you’ll get.
I used to eat on the run, no time for french toast, my love.
Fixed up the KIA then fast forward one year,
in a golden Suzuki in tears

My dad lost his memory, do you know what did to me?
I became us as in our whole family.
I cared for others, came home to get gloved up
I drove to the adult daycare as the hot mess daughter.
What’s up?

Written by Tiffany Marcum – Pilgrim, Kentucky

Simple CTA


Photo by Joshua McKnight

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