Karma Stands in Reverse [Poetry]

A mirror image
of how it should be—
a slap for each good deed:
an invitation extended,
a lift to the doctor.
The manuscript read
complete with revision.
Each time I’ve been scorned:
another rejection,
no interview offer,
no rainbow bobbing on the horizon.
And so I quit and say,
Karma screw you.
Have you forgotten,
or are you looking for a laugh?
Either way, I wonder
if I withhold my hand
and shove
the pleading party off a cliff
will you reward me?
Will you finally confer
the contract I desire
the success that continues to elude
the happiness I seek
but cannot find?
Or will you continue to punish
until I am crushed—
bleeding and dying
no hope of salvation?
Except in a new life—
in termite form.

Written by: Elizabeth Jaeger – Bedminster, New Jersey

Photo by Adrien Olichon

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