Author Spotlight: Guy Cote

Proof of PassionProof of Passion cover

(Powers Productions, LLC | Fiction)

by Guy Cote – St. Petersburg, Florida

What is your book about?

A wealthy, playboy law student accepts a challenge from a co-ed he’s trying to romance to do something outrageous with his final mock trial project. He agrees to put the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on trial in a mock court. The decision immediately pits him against his powerful, manipulative father, generates sensational headlines and divides their small community. It puts him at odds with the girl he’s trying to attract. But most importantly of all, it pits him against himself. Only by realizing his true passion can he overcome these many

What inspired you to write this book? Is there anything socially/economically significant about the overall message in your book?

This book has been over twenty-five years in the making. I got the first spark of inspiration Read a chapterfor this story after reading “The Resurrection Factor” by Josh McDowell. That book laid out the facts of the Resurrection (for and against) in a methodical, court-like manner. It made me wonder what it would be like to create a work of fiction with a Resurrection trial as a back drop. I originally wrote the screenplay for this story with a pair of filmmakers. We tried to get the financing for the film back in the 1990s, but were unable to. Nearly two decades later, after I completed my first novel, I decided to bring this story back as a novel. With these filmmakers, I updated the screenplay for contemporary audiences. Then I wrote the novel. The filmmakers are currently trying to raise the financing for the updated screenplay.

What’s next for you as an author?

I’m at work on my third novel while also researching my fourth novel.

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