So Be I

What is so beautiful are the ways that my
eyes cast themselves upon the worth of my

So be I in the standing of my feet which fit so
uniquely in the stepping’s that are so elegant my

Precious are the moments which describe that
of my longing in the seeking of my wealth.

So be I from love as the pompous of my
conviction be it heavy like the monuments
poured with corridors of gold.

For clever is my thinking with the edifice
which holds closely the shinning of my virtue.

So be I like any others that seeks the refreshing
of springtime baths to rinse clean the soil of my
heavy soul.

Walk as others have I in that of a diminishing
world that lends not of its comforting to the failing
of breathing hearts.

So be I like any other who’s steps have trampled
the rough of the mountains and wavered the fullness
of the seas.

Then what so be I next in the revealing that we all are
the same within; in the being of our being.

Written by Sampson Mathis, Homestead, Florida, USA

Feature photo by Marquise Kamanke 

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