Carry Me

Weak am I

As if I am alone
in journey

Seeing shattered
faces looming in
horrid places

Watching the ringing
bells count the hours
of the misfortunes

While the burning sun
bakes, bubbling the fluids
that strengthens me

Oh cry not my weakened spirit,
for evil looks for my sorrows

As my shortened step shall
not hinder my progression

Strengthening the point of my
longing until its fullness is
filled will I

Waves of remorse may enter
my thoughts but will not
hinder my courage

Songs I hear will keep time
for my lost moments’ fading

I will reach the strength of
eternity in the direction I

I can feel destiny near the
end of its beginning

Reach for me not by the
physical but in the calling
of my name

Carry me always in prayer
knowing that I am alive
in my seeking

Written by Sampson Mathis – Homestead, Florida, United States

Feature photo by Ante Hamersmit

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