The Wizard of Odds [Poetry]

I fear that for the rest of my life I will be alone!

While you fear or creepy crawlers and tomorrow, I fear of being alone! 

No one has stuck with me through thick and thin. Everything for me just seems to be a dead end. 

Lord Knows I’ve followed the yellow brick road.  

I’ve talked to the wizard and he told me I’d forever be alone! 

Just the word alone irks me!  

It rips me into pieces. 

I laugh because I was told there’s someone for everyone. 

Sorry Whiz, I don’t believe someone will ever be waiting for me. 

I’m not someone’s hopes and dreams. 

Since love wasn’t meant for me.  


Day in and day out my heart grows colder. 

A happy ending is all ever wished for. 

Wishes don’t come true for someone who fears of being alone. 

No women out there will ever be waiting for me and  

I will never be the missing piece or better of them. 

Like the wizard told me before, I will forever be alone. 

By Kevin Brantley Jr.

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