Demons & Talents

I saw a disheartening documentary about a young man named Lee Morgan.

He was a jazz saxophonist that played with Dizzie Gillespie at age 18.

It sat close to me, this story I mean. Still. Patiently paining me. And

I thought …

Demons and Talents divide

Together, it seems they ride

Sometimes side by side

Unfortunately, through history demons and talents collide

How many people let their demons win and met an early demise?

“Good die young?” Naw, they lied.

See, I had to pull over to write this down because I was trying to drive

And I know demons paralyze, they hide and hypnotize.

I know talents revive, guide, and redefine.

I felt Lee was like me, the essence of Jekyll and Hyde.

And I felt him to a certain degree, because we both wanted to get high.

See, while my demons were intriguing they conspire and connive.

My talents were pleading with me to keep my soul alive.

Constantly competing like two loud mouthed people at a country town
meeting… Oh my!

I am who I am for a reason.

Every living thing has its own season.

And I’m sure God gave those talents to that man for safe keeping…

I remember I burned my hand on the back side.

I still don’t remember the day nor the time.

I heard Mr. Morgan O.D.’d and smelled his flesh as it fried.

That was one of many ways our stories coincide.

We are both guilty of trying to get high.

Instead of being saved by a woman it was God on my side.

Because of my addiction, MANY days I wanted to die.

I don’t have the capacity to understand why.

The two of these entities continue to ride.

I didn’t know so I wanted to be by myself.

Not knowing I was following those demons straight to hell.

I guess I didn’t recognize my open wound was bleeding.

I didn’t realize they were scheming while I was dreaming.

Like his wife at a low point, God sent just what I was needing.

Just like his life, I was sowing, now I’m reaping… Amen

Written by Margaret Cohen – Brinkley, Arkansas

Feature Photo by Cristian Newman


I Won’t Apologize for Being a Woman

by Zorina Jerome

 “The author shares her world of pain, loss, love, spirituality, hardships, and victories with the readers through her literary prowess. This book is truly something valuable. It reaches out to every sister, mother, friend, and most of all, to every woman who has fought tooth and nail for her independence and for her sanity.”

~Dominique Campbell for Readers Favorite


Why should women apologize for having alluring curves? It can be said that if a woman embraces all of who she is, which is a journey of living, learning, and understanding, she will love and respect herself, eventually becoming a stronger person. And if by chance, she stumbles and falls victim to a scandal of her own desires all the while remaining true to herself, she will survive. She will be O.K. All because she wouldn’t apologize for being a woman—expressing what she thinks, feels, experience, and even though she may might make bad choices, she will always rise again, stronger, humbler, and wiser. That is living. That is not apologizing for being who you are. That is you.


  • Paperback: 78 pages
  • Publisher: IWA Publishing Services/IWA Publication, January 20, 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1456336561
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches

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