Be Who You Are

“Be who you are” they say.
But who I am
is not who I
want to be …
dream to be …
need to be …
I desire to be so much more.
To soar above the drab and mundane
that fills my days.
To shine brighter than now.
To grow beyond safe.
My voice to lift above the throng,
and be heard throughout the echo of time
To not be limited by
“who you are.”

Written by Ann Christine Tabaka – Hockessin, DE

Feature Photo by Cottonbro

I Don’t Care.

But This Notebook Makes it Look As if I Do Journal

I Don't Care Journal



This novelty journal presents a professional design with a decorative crest letter “I” that is incorporated in the title of this journal relaying a humorous message. This 5.5 x 8.5 paperback notebook with lined paper will make a great conversation piece. The graphic design of brown leather paired with a smooth matte finish makes this journal a must have. Use it for your next meeting or gift it to a friend or colleague so when his or her boss asks about it, that person can simply shrug and say, “I got it as a gift!”

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I Don't Care Journal 3D (2)

The Right Way to Self Publish

by Zorina Exie Frey

“The Right Way to Self Publish is like the GPS. It not only tells you every twist and turn you will encounter on your journey to Self Publication, but it alerts you when you are about to be confronted with them. It even gives you traffic warnings so you know what to avoid.”

~David Kimball – Writer


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat Bonner Milone says:

    YES!!!! … we evolve! I am nothing like my 20 year old self. But I would not be who I am now, or who I will become, unless I was once her. Each day, another thread on the loom in the tapestry we are weaving. I am living louder now, seeing clearer, doing more, helping more, appreciating more. Great poem.


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