COVID 19 Savages & Saints

Two women brawling over a six-pack
of toilet paper.
California teen donating sanitation kits
to the homeless

Bullies harassing Chinese-Americans
with “Chinese Flu” racism.
Isolated Italians singing to
each other on balconies

Spring Breakers declaring their right
to “Party On.”
Healthcare workers revealing bruised faces
from long shifts in protective masks

New Yorkers flying to Florida
to avoid lockdown.
Florida Governor threatening to
quarantine New Yorkers at airports

Shortage of medical supplies
exposing gaps and lack of leadership.
Farm workers, truck drivers, food deliverers
being hailed the strongest links in the food chain

Boomer Remover; vocabulary of ageism;
“It’s every man for himself,” they believe.
Social distancing, self-quarantine, lockdown;
“Everyone needs to be looking out for everyone,” she said

Watch out for scammers, they warn;
You will always find people who are exploiting.
“Look for the helpers, he said.
“You will always find people who are helping.”

Written by Pat Bonner Milone – Redland, Florida

Feature Photo by Erik Mclean

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