Learn New Things!

I decided to learn the Spanish language. It has been a goal that I penned in my journal yearly and appeared to be an experience that others were capable of accomplishing with ease. It was when another creative shared her excitement about learning Spanish that my desire returned. What was once a sentence in my journal had now grown into a personal development practice.

I created an account with a free software language-learning platform. Although I studied two years of Spanish in high school, I needed to review the basics. For months, I worked on the daily lessons the online course provided. To ensure language retention, I kept a notebook that contained grammar notes, vocabulary, and tips from the community discussion forum.

Incorporating fun activities while working with Spanish supported me in maintaining consistency and enjoying the journey. Changing radio presets to Spanish stations, creating a Spanish music playlist, subscribing to self-taught Spanish speakers, and watching movies like Avengers: Infinity War with subtitles helped. Also, I followed Latino channels such as Pero Like to gain a better understanding of various Latin American cultures.

Now, I no longer tune it out due to not understanding. I used to turn off Cardi B’s I Like It when I heard J Balvin or Bad Bunny verse. That has changed now! Who knew I’d enjoy Latin Trap so much?

Learning another language has improved my communication skills, encouraged a solution-oriented mindset, and has satisfied my love of learning.

Qué Bueno! 

Written by Janine Jackson – Miami, Florida

Feature photo by Retha Ferguson

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