Prayer Warrior

The ceiling is caving in, in this place that I’m in. The walls,

covered with quick decisions, bad choices, deep moans, and echoes fill the room.

Sort of like bones rattling, like ghostly chains dragging across a hardwood floor.

The knob twists on the door.

A haunting glow of my former self is what I see.

What I should’ve been without casual sins, friends, or enemies.

Like a spout, the sun pours in through a tiny opening.

The drapes are split on my window. The light shines in and I cringe.

I don’t wish to be seen, so I’m dodging sun beams.

Let me be to wrestle with these principalities spiritually.

If you hear commotion, do not judge. Pray please. Do not budge. Fall to

your knees, and intercede then and there, against the rulers of the air.

As I am being attacked. Don’t step in, stand back and wait for the

noises to cease. Hopefully, someday, I’ll emerge in one piece.

Don’t you see?

This place is not healthy for me, but I lined up and signed up,

dinner and dined up.

Never once thinking this is how I’d wind up.

Now until, my time is up, I’m here, being whipped by unseen forces in this black

atmosphere as they overpower me.

Hear the taunt in their cheers?

I do hope your prayers reach God’s ears. I’m falling weaker and the

forces, they laugh menacingly. How they love hindering me. I’m

starting to think this fight might be my last. This place I’m in is

crumbling fast, from licks being passed.

Even if you grow afraid, you must continue to pray. If the ground

becomes unsteady, if it rumbles and shakes, it’s too much weight,

too heavy. This place has sealed my fate.

I remember how I got here, taken against my will not knowing the

people who left me. Now every time I’m still I’m trying to forget things.

My brain is split from coping with it.

The cabinets just opened on their own.

This place must be haunted because I’m here alone. This ain’t supposed to be happening! Lights off and on but I ain’t clapping. Right before the foundations
cracking, I feel your prayers.

Drowning. The sounds and activities surround me.

Drawing me out to leave it like it found me. It’s all so surreal, and utterly

astounding, but I remember the way out now. I know I’m getting closer.

Your prayers are getting loud, giving me strength, making me proud

that we’re friends in the spirit or else I probably wouldn’t hear it or God.

He knew that for me it would be hard. He sent you to do the job and I

thank you between sobs, and I’m grateful as I nod.

I’m bout to get up on my feet and gone go with ya’ll.

Get back to the original path I started from so that I can help another troubled someone.

Written by Margaret Cohen – Brinkley, Arkansas

Feature Photo by Jack Sharp

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Conquering Haters, Dealing with Negative People

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat Bonner Milone says:

    I can hear the rhythm of this pain. I can hear how Zorina would perform this poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. zorinafrey says:

    I love this author! It’s clear that she is a spoken word performer. Powerful messages. I can’t wait to read more!


  3. ploucendam says:

    Powerful. I have been held up by the prayer of others, and rejoice in “my turn to serve another someone.”


    1. zorinafrey says:

      It’s amazing how even the most faithful can still underestimate the power of prayer. This poem is good reminder that prayer works!


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