Facebook Cats

Egyptian cat gods were not cute,
Bastet, Mihos, Sekhmet, Mekal, and Menhit
governed your life, and killing a cat
brought a death sentence, even if
by accident the wheel of your carriage
ran over one. Now they are kitsch,
usually playing with wool or lapping cream,
batting a pinwheel, pawing your tuna fish.
(You’ll want to scour the plate.) I name
my new kitten Sekhmet, warrior
goddess. May she be fierce and proud,
May she rid my house of rats,
my soul of gloom.

Written by Janet McCann – College Station, Texas

Feature Photo by Anderson Martins


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One Comment Add yours

  1. Pat Bonner Milone says:

    Can’t look at a cat the same way again. Beautiful composed.


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